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“TaqArt “ is an art director or curatorial organization whose mission is to keep the curatorial function up-to-date by focusing on new interdisciplinary researches.

Our vision in ” TaqArt “ is to create an uplifting and scalable platform for the implementation of curatorial knowledge and culture in Iran.


  • We have chosen the following ways to create this endless platform:
  • A dynamic look at the curatorial profession as a specialized service and its design
  • Research, production and transfer of up-to-date knowledge in the field of effective confrontation with the artistic matter
  • Empowering the curatorial role in Iran through international values and standards
  • Defining or strengthening the influential roles in contemporary art
  • Creating a dynamic and interactive network of artists, gallery owners and people active in the field of visual arts.
  • Supporting artists by providing specialized consulting, coaching and mentoring services to reach a higher position


In this way, no competition is defined for us and it is art and culture that determine our values and principles.


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