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Artistic Services

Taq art services are a collection of facilities and programs that are provided for artists, galleries, collectors, designers, architects, and other creative professionals.

These services include;
1- Organizing artistic and creative events, such as exhibitions, pop-ups, art fairs, and other press, private, and public events inside and outside of Iran with an emphasis on the Persian Gulf area.

2- Advice on buying artwork, choosing an artist, technique, style, and information on existing art trends. Expert advice for architects, interior designers, stage designers, and environmental design to outdoor and urban elements. Emphasizing the effective communication between gallery architects and designers.

3- Cooperation and consultation with artists and galleries in the process of branding, event, publication, and internal and external campaigns in effective communication with collectors, galleries, and international museums.

4. Discovering talented artists, investing, and planning for the prosperity and economic prosperity of Iranian art and culture.

Artistic activities also include services related to painting, sculpture, calligraphy, and calligraphy, performing arts such as composition, dance, music, and theater production and performance and digital arts.

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