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Behzad Ajdari



Behzad Ajdari is a renowned Iranian ceramic artist who was born in Ahvaz, Iran, in 1969. 

He graduated from the University of Tehran with a degree in cellular and molecular biology, but his passion for art led him to pursue a career in ceramics.

Ajdari began his artistic career in the 1993, and his work has been exhibited in galleries and museums around the world. He is known for his innovative use of traditional Iranian ceramic techniques, such as lusterware and blue-and-white porcelain. His work often explores themes of spirituality, nature, and the human condition.


One example of Ajdari’s work is the ceramic sculpture “Iranian Woman in Transition.” This sculpture was created in 2017 and was selected as the winning entry in the International Ceramics Competition in Delft, Netherlands. The sculpture depicts an Iranian woman in transition from tradition to modernity.

In the sculpture, an Iranian woman in traditional dress and a chador is on one side, and an Iranian woman in modern dress and a manteau is on the other. The two women are talking to each other and, while holding hands, they are looking into an uncertain future.

Ajdari used traditional Iranian ceramic techniques, such as turquoise glaze and lusterware, in this sculpture. Turquoise glaze is a dark blue color that has been used in Iranian ceramics for centuries. Lusterware is a type of gold glaze that became popular in Iranian ceramics in the 11th century AD.

Ajdari used traditional Iranian colors, such as blue, green, yellow, and red, in this sculpture. These colors are symbolic of Iranian culture and civilization.

This sculpture is one of Ajdari’s most notable works, and it successfully depicts the theme of transition from tradition to modernity in Iran.

Another example of Ajdari’s work is his ceramic paintings. These paintings are created using traditional Iranian ceramic techniques, such as turquoise glaze and lusterware. In his paintings, Ajdari explores themes such as nature, spirituality, and the human condition.

One of Ajdari’s ceramic paintings is called “Flight.” This painting depicts a bird flying in the sky. The bird is a symbol of the spirit and freedom. Ajdari used the colors blue, green, and yellow in this painting. These colors are symbolic of hope and life.

The ceramic painting “Flight” is one of Ajdari’s beautiful works, and it successfully depicts the theme of hope and life.


Ajdari has received numerous awards for his work, including the following:

  • The First Prize at the 2006 International Ceramics Competition in Jingdezhen, China
  • The First Prize at the 2010 International Ceramics Competition in Changchun, China
  • The First Prize at the 2014 International Ceramics Competition in Icheon, South Korea
  • The First Prize at the 2018 International Ceramics Competition in Delft, Netherlands

Ajdari is a member of the Iranian Ceramic Society and the International Academy of Ceramics. He is also a professor of ceramics at the University of Tehran.


About Artist

Behzad Ajdari


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