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Description Artist

Bita Vakili

She is a painter who was born in 1973, Tehran, started painting from high school
and has been professionally painting for about 30 years. She holds a bachelor
degree in painting from the Faculty of Art of the Azad University and a master degree
in painting from the faculty of Art at Tehran university. Vakili showcased her artworks
at more than 80 Solo & group exhibitions in Iran, Oman, United Arab Emirates,
Canada, USA, China, Monaco, Armenia, Malaysia, France, UK and other countries. 
Bita Vakili has earned a record 25, 32, 48 thousand dollars at Christie's auction in
Dubai. By selling her artwork at 12th Christie Dubai auction, she has been
announced as the most expensive female artist in the Middle East.

Individual Exhibitions:

2001-Untitled-Assar art gallery-Tehran-Iran
2002-Untitled-Assar art gallery-Tehran-Iran
2005-Untitled-Assar art gallery-Tehran-Iran
2009-Untitled-Mah E Mehr art gallery-Tehran-Iran
2010-Untitled-Mah E Mehr art gallery-Tehran-Iran
2012-September-Mah E Mehr art gallery -Tehran- Iran
2015- 3 vision-Boom Art Gallery, Tehran-Iran
2016- passage away- E1 Art Gallery-Tehran-Iran 
2018-Earth pulse-CAMA art gallery-london-UK
2022-The garden of history – E1 Art Gallery-Tehran-Iran

Group Exhibitions:

2002-The Selection of Contemporary Paintings-Assar Art Gallery-Tehran-Iran 
2002- The Exhibition of Visual Arts by Tehran Female Artists-Niavaran Creation Foundation-Tehran-Iran 
2002-New Experiences Exhibition, Members of the Society of Iranian Painters-The House of Iranian Artists-Tehran-Iran 
2002- Assar Art Gallery-Tehran, Iran 
2002-The Celebration of the Anniversary of the society of Iranian Painters-The House of Iranian Artists-Tehran-Iran 
2002-Iranian Contemporary Artists-Lazar Art Gallery-Tehran-Iran 
2002-Iranian Contemporary Art-Total Arts at Court Yard-Dubai-UAE 
2003-Beyond the Art of Illumination-The Contemporary Art of Iran-City Escape Art Gallery-North Vancouver-Canada 

2003-The First Annual Exhibition of Iranian Artists-The Institute for Promotion of the Visual Arts-Tehran-Iran 
2004-The Selection of Iranian Contemporary Arts Over Three Generation-National Museum of Contemporary Arts-Armenia 
2004-Cite' International des Arts-Paris-France 
2004-Assar Art Gallery-Tehran-Iran 
2004-The First Tehran Art Expo-Vahdat Cultural Center-Tehran-Iran 
2005-Spiritual Art Exhibition-Niavaran Creation Foundation-Tehran-Iran 
2005-Nature in Oriental Art-Saba Cultural and Artistic Center-Tehran-Iran 
2006-Abstract Group Exhibition by Members of the Society of the Iranian Painters- Niavaran Creation Foundation-Tehran-Iran 
2006-Beijing International Art Exposition-China 
2007-The fourth international painting biennial of the Islamic world-saba cultural & artistic Institute-Tehran-Iran 
2007-Iranian Spring-The first scientific  seminar & exhibition of poetry & visual arts-Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts – Tehran-Iran
2009-Haft Negah (7 views)-Exhibition of Iranian visual Art-Tehran-Iran 
2010-Echoes in Blue Contemporary Iranian Art from Tehran-James Gray Gallery-CA-USA 
2010-Haft Negah (7views)-Exhibition of Iranian visual Art-Tehran-Iran 
2011-A Persian art exhibition-"Bait Muzna" Gallery-Muscat-Oman
2011-Art Dubai-Dubai-UAE 
2011-Iranian First Charity Art Auction-Shirin Art Gallery-Tehran-Iran
2011-The Second Exhibition of Young Talented Painters-Mellat Gallery-Tehran-Iran
2012-The other Half of Iran-Sem Art Gallery-Monaco 
2012-Alternative view-Three Generation of Iranian Woman Artists-Mellat Gallery- Tehran-Iran 
2014-Abstraction & Expression-Mellat gallery-Tehran-Iran 

2016-Persian Blue Exhibition-Ahvaz Contemporary Art Museum-Ahvaz-Iran
2017-Trends&Approaches in contemporary Iranian Art-Mellat gallery-Tehran-Iran 
2017-Landscapes up close-Niavaran Creation Foundation-Tehran-Iran 
2017-The collection of Iranian contemporary art-Malaysia 
2017-Art Expo Malaysia -Malaysia 
2018-Gol-e-Narges (Narcissus Flower) Exhibition Concurrent with Global Registration of this Flower-Einodoleh Mansion-Tehran-Iran 
2018-Iranian Art at Cafe Royal hotel -Cama Gallery opening ceremony-London-Uk
2018-Sensation – Cama Gallery -London-Uk
2019-Memory, Space ,Time -Group exhibition-pardis Melat gallery-Tehran-Iran
2019-Shahr International Film Festival, Painting,Photography -group exhibition – Pardis Melat gallery-Tehran -Iran 
2021-Discover Iranian artists taste ,Eran Art Gallary -Montreal, Canada


2010-International modern & contemporary Art -Christies-Dubai-UAE
2010-International modern & contemporary Art-Arab & Iranian-Christies-Dubai-UAE
2011-Modern & contemporary Art,-Arab & Iranian and Turkish Art -Christies-Dubai-UAE
2011-,Modern & contemporary Art-Arab & Iranian Art-Christies-Dubai-USE
2012-Modern & contemporary Art-Arab & Iranian and Turkish Art-Christies-Dubai-UAE
2012-Modern & contemporary Art-Arab & Iranian Art-Christies-Dubai-UAE 
2012-First Tehran Auction-Modern & Contemporary Iranian Art-Tehran-Iran
2013-Second Tehran Auction- Modern & Contemporary Iranian Art-Tehran-Iran
2014-Third Tehran Auction-Modern & Contemporary Iranian Art-Tehran-Iran
2015-Fourth Tehran Auction-Modern & Contemporary Iranian Art-Tehran-Iran
2016-Fifth Tehran Auction-Modern & Contemporary Iranian Art-Tehran-Iran

2016-Third Raad Charity Auction-Tehran-Iran
2017-Tehran Auction -Contemporary Iranian Art-Tehran-Iran
2019-Tehran Auction -Contemporary Iranian Art -Tehran-Iran
2020-Tehran Auction , Contemporary Iranian Art-Tehran-Iran
2021- Tehran Auction, Contemporary Iranian Art-Tehran-Iran
2022-Tehran Auction, Contemporary Iranian Art-Tehran-Iran

Art Faires & Art Expoes :

2006-Beijing International Art Exposition-China 
2011-Art Dubai-Dubai-UAE 
2017-Art Expo Malaysia -Malaysia 

Select collections:

Tehran museum contemporary art-Tehran-Iran
Abadan Museum Contemporary art-Abadan-Iran
Tiroche Deleon Collection- London -UK
Professors Firouz Naderi’s privet art collection-Ca-US
Pasargad Bank 
Gardeshgari Bank

About Artist

Bita Vakili


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