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Mohammadreza Pourkamali

Mohammadreza Pourkamali, an Iranian sculptor, was born in Yazd in 1992. He studied sculpture in Tehran University, Faculty of Fine Arts and has participated in some group exhibitions and festivals. This artist held his first solo exhibition named “Chaos” in 2023 in Nian Gallery, Tehran.

The statement of this exhibition states: “Mohammadreza Pourkamali, a sculpture, has worked intensively with iron sheets for many years and has found the strength and industrial capabilities of this material to be a suitable medium to express his concerns. In recent years, he has been exploring and experimenting with simple geometric pieces […] of which complex shapes and expanding forms are considered to be prominent features. The emergence of order in the heart of disorder and the creation of organized complexities while achieving an aesthetic and meaningful expression in the face of form and material are his preoccupations. Mohammadreza Pourkamali’s sculptures are a combination of triangular pieces continued in space, which stand on the border of formlessness and embodiment in order to occupy and discover the capabilities and possibilities of expansion.”

The artist says about the source of his inspiration: “More than anything, the visual experience of my lived geography, the Lut Desert, has influenced the formation of my visual mentality. But I always looked for commonalities and differences with my own intellectual scope in every other natural and human space I was in. The result of these experiences has been an inspiration in the formation of my works.”

About Artist

Mohammadreza Pourkamali


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