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Parvaneh Etemadi




Parvaneh Etemadi is an Iranian painter born in Tehran in 1947. She began painting at a young age and studied under the renowned Iranian artist, Bahman Mohasses. She also attended the University of Tehran’s Faculty of Fine Arts, but left after two years to pursue her own artistic vision.

Etemadi is known for her still life paintings, which often feature simple, everyday objects arranged in a minimalist style. She also works in a variety of other mediums, including collage, pastel, and drawing. Her work is often described as being both lyrical and meditative, and it has been exhibited in galleries and museums around the world.


Artistic style

Etemadi’s paintings are characterized by their simple, yet elegant compositions. She often uses geometric shapes and patterns to create a sense of balance and harmony. Her work is also notable for its use of color, which she uses to create a sense of mood and atmosphere.


Etemadi’s paintings often explore themes of loneliness, silence, and the passage of time. She uses her work to express her own personal thoughts and feelings, and she often finds inspiration in the everyday objects and experiences that surround her.


Etemadi’s work has been exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions, including:


“Faces,” Gallery Kandriz, Tehran, 1975

“Dried Trees,” Gallery Golestan, Tehran, 1989

“Still Life and Interiors,” Gallery Sohrab Sepehri, Tehran, 1992

“Nights, Cities and Shadows,” Gallery Mah, Tehran, 1994

“Things and Places,” Gallery Hor, Tehran, 1995

“Suspension,” Gallery In-Here, Tehran, 2004




Etemadi has won numerous awards for her work, including:


First Prize, California International Painting Exhibition, 1963

First Prize, Ministry of Culture and Art of Iran Painting Exhibition, 1975

First Prize, Fajr Painting Exhibition, 1992

Special Jury Prize, Tehran International Painting Exhibition, 1978

Special Jury Prize, Munich International Painting Exhibition, 1997




Etemadi’s work is held in numerous public and private collections, including:


Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art

Isfahan Museum of Contemporary Art

Shiraz Museum of Contemporary Art

Kermanshah Museum of Contemporary Art

Yerevan Museum of Contemporary Art, Armenia

Munich Museum of Contemporary Art, Germany


About Artist

Parvaneh Etemadi

Country : Iran


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