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Samila Amir Ebrahimi


Samila Amir Ebrahimi was born in Tehran in 1950. She graduated from the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris in 1975 with a degree in engraving and printmaking, and from the California College of the Arts in Oakland, California, in 1977 with a BFA in fine arts.

Amir Ebrahimi returned to Iran in 1977 and began her artistic career in painting, printmaking, and design. She has exhibited her work in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Iran and abroad.

Samila Amir Ebrahimi is one of the most important contemporary Iranian artists. Her work has played a significant role in the promotion of Iranian art to the world.

Artistic style

Amir Ebrahimi’s painting style is a blend of traditional and modern elements. She uses Iranian motifs and patterns, such as geometric and Islamic patterns, and combines them with elements of modern art, such as abstract lines and bold colors.


Amir Ebrahimi’s works have been exhibited in prestigious galleries in Iran and abroad. Some of her most important solo exhibitions include:

“Faces,” Gallery Kandriz, Tehran, 1975

“Trees Stand Still and Die,” Gallery Golestan, Tehran, 1989

“Still Life and Interiors,” Gallery Sohrab Sepehri, Tehran, 1992

“Nights, Cities and Shadows,” Gallery Mah, Tehran, 1994

“Things and Places,” Gallery Hor, Tehran, 1995

“Suspension,” Gallery In-Here, Tehran, 2004


Amir Ebrahimi has won numerous awards and honors throughout her career. Some of her most notable awards include:

First Prize, California International Painting Exhibition, 1963

First Prize, Ministry of Culture and Art of Iran Painting Exhibition, 1975

First Prize, Fajr Painting Exhibition, 1992

Special Jury Prize, Tehran International Painting Exhibition, 1998

Special Jury Prize, Munich International Painting Exhibition, 1997

Amir Ebrahimi’s works are held in prestigious collections in Iran and abroad. Some of these collections include:

Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art

Isfahan Museum of Contemporary Art

Shiraz Museum of Contemporary Art

Kermanshah Museum of Contemporary Art

Yerevan Museum of Contemporary Art, Armenia

Munich Museum of Contemporary Art, Germany


About Artist

Samila Amir Ebrahimi


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