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Description Artist

Shima Farahani
Born 1992, Iran

Lives and works in Tehran, Iran

Shima was interested in painting since childhood, and in adolescence, she took classes under
the guidance of masters like Ms. FarzanehPour and Mr.Sharifan to learn the basics of drawing,
such as still life drawing, portraits, and figures.

2015 Bachelor’s Degree in Painting, Alzahra University of Art, Tehran, Iran
2008 Graphic Diploma, Noor Graphic Art School, Tehran, Iran
2015 “recess collection”, Rooz Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2021 “Paper: a field of Revelation”, Bavan Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2018 Fajr visual arts festival, Tehran, Iran
2015 “Curves of Sight”, Shalman Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2014 “Texture Painting”, Kamal ud-Din Behzad Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2012 “Still life”, Kamal ud-Din Behzad Gallery,Tehran, Iran
2011 “11+5”, saadatabad underground show, Tehran, Iran
2014 Honored at Te Fifh Damon far Painting Biennial,Tehran,Iran
2008 First Place at Te Cultural and Artistic Festival of “Hamrahan Moghavemat”
2017-2020 Participate in pro painting courses by Behrang Samadzadegan, Aria Art gallery, Tehran, Iran
2017 Participate in installation project by Behrang Samadzadegan based on *fifh feather* theater on Sabet Festival, Tehran, Iran
2017 Participate in installing Tony Cragg installation in Contemporary Art Museum of Tehran, Tehran, Iran
2011-2013 Participate in sketching course by Siamak Sharifan,Tehran, Iran

About Artist

Shima Farahani


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