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Video Art Call for Entries

Start Date :

30 Nov


End Date :

8 Dec


Subject: Eco Art (Eco_Art)_ Ecological Art of Zagros and its Oak Forests

Taq Art Group, in support of talented and creative artists, with an emphasis on video and multimedia activities, announces a call for entries to identify and exhibit selected works.

In the first step, the selected works will be prepared for presentation in domestic galleries and then for international participation, with the presence, estimate, and introduction of the artist of each work.

The design must be easily presentable and playable in the exhibition. There is a limit of 3 works per individual, team, or company.

Participation in the event is free.

registration deadline:

November 22, 2023 (Azar  1, 1402)

First exhibition; Ariana Gallery (Tehran, Fereshte, No. 9)

Azar month 9-19, 1402

Taq Art provides many services to artists and enthusiasts.

including holding domestic and international exhibitions and participating in art events in Iran and the world.

Just send us an email ( and we will give you the necessary instructions as soon as possible.


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