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Milad Ebadi


Milad Ebadi is a PCC coach approved by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) in America and specializes in leadership coaching and business coaching.

Milad’s mental concern is the creation of scalable innovative businesses, and he believes that designing a sustainable business starts with the social responsibility of its founders.

Milad is the co-founder of Taq-Art, Art-Yar and Kuching-Tak and has participated in the formation of other creative businesses.

As a teacher and mentor, he has attended prestigious educational centers such as Infinite Leadership Development School, Iran Architects Business School, Iran Architecture Center, etc. and has expressed his experiences in more than 70 events in person and online.

To know more about Milad Ebadi, you can visit his LinkedIn page and Instagram

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Our process applies techniques from a variety of disciplines, values distinction in detail and gives careful


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