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The world’s most prestigious auctions

The world’s most prestigious auctions


The world’s prestigious auctions are auctions that are globally recognized and prestigious in terms of age, credibility, and sales history. Auctioneers typically operate in a variety of fields such as art, jewelry, real estate, classic cars, and other collectibles.

As you know, auctions are one of the traditional and well-known methods for buying and selling goods. In auctions, goods are sold by auction and the buyer who makes the highest bid wins.

In this article, we are going to discuss the world’s most prestigious auctions that have a long history, reputation, and global reputation. These auctions often sell valuable works of art and collectibles and record world sales records. Stay with us to learn more about some of the most famous and prestigious auctions in the world.


Video of three steps to sell art at Christie’s auction



Video of three steps to sell art at Christie’s auction


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Credit criteria for an auction house


The validity of an auction house depends on several factors, including:


  • Long History
  • Familiar name
  • Presence in global markets
  • Use of expert experts
  • Compliance with ethical principles

Auction houses that meet these criteria can gain the trust of buyers and sellers and be recognized as reputable auction houses. In the following, we introduce some of the most prestigious auctions in the world.


Sotheby’s auction house


Sotheby’s auction house is one of the oldest and most prestigious auction houses in the world, which was established in 1744 in London. This auction operates in the field of selling works of art, jewelry, and other collectibles and has branches in more than 40 countries.

Throughout its history, Sotheby’s has sold some of the world’s most expensive works of art.


Art sales records at Sotheby’s auction house


“Dura the Snake and the Cat” painting by Pablo Picasso for $95 million, 2006

Alberto Giacometti’s sculpture “Walking Man 1” at a London auction for $103.7 million, 2010

A copy of Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” for $119.9 million, 2012

“Meules” painting by Claude Monet for $110 million, 2019

11 pieces of Picasso belonging to Steve Wynn, for $109 million at the Las Vegas auction, in 2021


Christie’s auction house


Christie’s is a world-renowned auction house of art, jewelry, and other collectibles. This auction was founded in 1766 in London by James Christie. Christie’s main auction centers are located on King Street in London, England, and Rockefeller Plaza in New York, USA. Christie’s auction is one of the most active and famous auction houses in the world. Sotheby’s auction house and Christie’s have a close competition.


Art sales records at Christie’s auction house


Pontormo’s 1989 painting “The Image of a Conch” with a price of 35.2 million dollars

20 cars owned by Elton John in 2001 for £2 million

An aristocratic Qing Dynasty porcelain bowl, in 2006, priced at $22,240,000.

The painting “Salvador Mundi” by Leonardo da Vinci, was sold in 2017 for 450.3 million dollars.

A sculpture of a rabbit by Jeff Koons, which in 2019 cost $91.1 million


Bonhams auction house


Bonhams is an international auction house founded in 1793 in London. Bonhams or Bonhams is a private auction house with international offices around the world, which is one of the three largest auction houses in the world, along with Christie’s and Sotheby’s.


Art sales records at Bonhams auction house


La fête d’anniversaire by Leonard Tsuguharu Fujita, £7,096,250, 2018

A blue and white Yongzheng seal vase, in Hong Kong for £6,244,187 in 2014

Fragonard’s portrait of Francois Henri, in London for £17 million in 2013

Pablo Picasso’s “Woman with a Purple Lamb’s Hat” for $15 million in 2015


Artcurial auction house


Artecurial Auction House is a French auction house that was founded in Paris in 2001. This auction is active in the field of selling works of art, jewelry, and other collectible items and has branches in more than 10 countries.

The headquarters of this auction house is in the historic Hotel Marcel Dassault in Paris.

In August 2023, a natural Burmese stone, the second most expensive ruby in the world, was sold at this auction for $3.3 million.


in the end


In the above article, we named the world’s most prestigious auctions and briefly explained them. These auctions usually have experts and specialists who accurately value the items and thus help buyers and sellers to have a fair and satisfactory transaction. Also, reputable auctions usually have active websites with advanced online infrastructure that provide complete information about the auction items and make it possible to participate online.

Auctions with high international and artistic reputations facilitate the buying and selling of original works of art or popular antiques and collectibles and create a reliable and suitable platform for art buyers.


For more information, you can visit the following websites:


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